Aquamar Surimi Shreds can brighten any dish!

Surimi is real fish, made from wild-caught Alaskan pollock / whiting.  Surimi is a healthy protein dish that can be used in many seafood recipes.  Aquamar surimi products provide the highest quality and best tasting surimi styles in the market.  From sushi to pasta, lunch to dinner, our U.S. manufactured surimi will satisfy.

Try out our exciting recipe below and see for yourself!

Ra, Ra, Ramen Surimi Shreds

It was said that out of all the great inventions to come out of Japan in the twentieth century, the Japanese populace voted that cup-ramen was the best of them all to come out of Japan. That notion has sincerely been evoked across the world in the form of cuisine with ramen. So you guessed it, today we’ll be creating our own twist to the famed classic that is ramen.

Now, you can do this with any variation of ramen. From instant noodles and garnishing on top of a takeout order to home cooked self-made ingredients the Surimi Shreds you’ll be able to add that extra layer of taste and umami feeling to your pallet. The first route is undoubtedly the easiest and efficient way, and that is to simply add the Surimi Shreds to your favorite instant ramen. Whether it’s the spicy Shin ramen brand or the Nissin ramen, just by adding the Surimi Shreds you’ll get another dimension of flavor!

The other route we have is to make your own ramen from scratch, or at least as much of the ingredients you would want to create yourself. Though we won’t be teaching you how to make noodles from scratch (for now), we’ll give you a step by step instruction to make your own Surimi Shreds ramen. 

First here is the broth, you can always use boiling water as a base, but adding dried shiitake mushrooms and your choice of broth base will do any ramen justice. Let your broth in a low simmer once you first got it to boil. 

Prep your raw ingredients here; pork belly, scallions, bamboo shoots, anything galore! You can find individual packs at the closest oriential or asian market. Cut to size and portions that you’d want and set the ingredients aside. 

You’’ll also be able to find ramen noodles that are ready to be boiled and just for home-made ramen use! Boil water in a sizable pot and make sure to have some kind of strainer with a handle to keep the ramen in while it sits in the boiling water. The ramen will cook relatively quick so make sure to keep an eye on it, and pro-tip, let the ramen sit for the first few seconds before you start mixing the noodles in the boiling water.

In one deep pan, add an appropriate amount of broth and 2-4 tbsp of ramen paste (of your choice!), add the ramen and mix the two. Pour contents into a bowl and layer the top with the ingredients you set aside before. Last but not least garnish the Surimi Shreds and you have yourself a fine home-cooked ramen bowl. We hope this was informational and fun for you! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, and as always; stay tuned and fresh!