Dura Lube Helps Solve Emissions Issues In Cars

Check engine light on in your car? Having issues passing the emissions control test? Then look no further than Dura Lube.

Dura Lube Severe Catalytic & Exhaust Treatment is formulated to protect and treat the Catalytic Converter & Exhaust System from oil poisons. This will aid in reducing the carbon footprint of your vehicle and improving overall performance; helping to increase fuel efficiency, and protect your converter.

·        Use before replacing your catalytic converter

·        Helps pass emissions control test

·        Use when the warning light is activated

·        Protects the catalytic system from oil poisons

·        Reduces phosphorus & zinc retention levels at catalyst inlet

·        Lowers tailpipe emissions

How does a catalytic converter work?

How does a catalytic converter works?
Exhaust system flow

ONLY NEED TO USE 4 X PER YEAR: Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 

Directions: Add full bottle into 16 gals (60 liters) of fuel or 1 oz. per gal. (30 mL per 3.8 L).

Recommend Usage: Use once every 3 months for optimal performance. Results vary on driving amounts and engine conditions.

For over 30 years, and millions of satisfied customers, Dura Lube® has been a dependable name in automotive chemicals. As part of your regular basic maintenance, using Dura Lube® products can help your engine run better and longer.


Engine light

My engine light came on in my 2014 VW Toaureg. I did some research and found this product. I purchased a bottle  at Walmart and dumped it in my gas tank. Only had to drive a little bit and I noticed an immediate change in how smooth my VW was driving and not long after that my engine light went off. Highly recommended using this before.

enrikas, April 27, 2020 –  Verified purchaser

It turned the warning light off almost immediately

I was having the engine light come on periodically on my 2009 Chrysler Town

erin, April 15, 2020

Awesome Product

I don’t normally write reviews, but this saved me a lot of money! My check engine light was on so I took it to Auto Zone and it came up Code PO420. I took it to my mechanic and he said I would probably need a new catalytic converter. But, he recommended I try DuraLube Catalytic and Exhaust Treatment first. I added the bottle to my gas tank (about 1/4 tank of gas) and drove about 20 mins and the code was gone!