DuraLube Severe Fuel System Cleaner improves Fuel Mileage

Have you ever thought about what happens to gasoline before it goes into your tank? Gasoline is highly refined to provide the right combustibility in your engine, even blending for optimal performance in different seasons. But as gas travels long distances from the refinery to the pump, or sits unused in storage tanks, volatile chemicals have time to evaporate and degrade the gas. On top of that, rising and dropping temperatures can cause moisture to form in storage tanks.

Did you know?

  1. Almost all fuels now contain at least 10% ethanol
  2. Ethanol Fuels cause clogging of Fuel Injectors
  3. Clogged injectors leads to decreased fuel mileage and rough idle
  4. Dura Lube Sever Fuel System is the strongest on the market and treats up to 42 gallons of fuel

Now think about topping off at the pump – the new gas you’re pumping in may have a different blend quality than the gas already in your tank. This can also alter the effectiveness of your gasoline.

A great way to protect your fuel system from inconsistent gas quality, is by adding a treatment of Dura Lube Severe Fuel System Cleaner. This formula helps the gas in your tank burn through your fuel system more effectively, tackling any moisture in the fuel, and cleaning your injectors and fuel lines. It’s easy to use – just add one bottle for 42 gallons, and add a new treatment every 3,000 miles.

Dura Lube Severe Fuel System® Cleaner is highly concentrated and precisely formulated to clean the entire fuel delivery system including Fuel Injectors, Carburetors, Valves, Ports and Intake Manifolds.

·        100% Safe for all vehicles including GM & GMC, will not void warranties

·        Helps remove valve stem gum. A cleaner running engine helps improve fuel mileage

·        Compatible with all grades of gasoline fuel including E-10, E-15, and E-85 Ethanol blends

·        Not for use in diesel engines

·        Will not harm catalytic converters

Directions: One 16 fl oz. bottle treats up to 42 gallons of fuel. Use every 3000 miles. 

See what others are saying!

Item work really well

99′ Mitsubishi Galant needed a star certified smog test, my car ck engine light was on. I bought this from Walmart, add this on and drove for 20 miles or so. Somehow, my ck engine light is gone and the car passed smog. Definitely, this product works.


Amazing fuel additive

I have been using another brand for a few tanks of gas. I have a direct injection system and it was really gunking up and causing my car to stall when you pressed the gas. One round of this and the results are remarkable.